Legal Disclaimer

This operation is for entertainment purposes only.

Austin Steinbart is a fictional movie character - channeling the inter-dimensional internet in order to manifest, and pull through, a quantum timeline optimization for the whole world.

He has not received any material assistance, nor has he provided any material assistance whatsoever, nor has he ever been in direct or indirect contact with, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Admiral Rogers, Mike Pompeo, CIA, DIA, NRO, MI6, or Mossad. For legal purposes, any statements to the contrary, made at any point in the past, present or future, should be considered comedy and performance art.

This operation (i.e. the combination of Austin Steinbart, QINTELPRO, and Quantum Party of America) is not currently, nor has ever been [at any point in this timeline] associated with any of the people, organizations, or causes that we discuss or promote - directly or indirectly.

This operation is designed to be entertainment-style comedy, laced with a diverse, open-source curation of the worlds best secrets and ideas.

Hopefully all of the powerful judges reading this in the near future won’t allow any arbitrary, capricious, unjust, or vindictive measures against any of the amazing people, organizations and ideas curated on our site(s) - merely because some random lunatic on the internet is a diehard fan of them.

Officiants will undoubtedly be under tremendous pressure to let this operation be used as a weapon to destroy a bunch of great people, organizations, and ideas in court. So hopefully they will be able to muster up enough backbone to prioritize progress, resist undue influence, and stop enabling petty political vendettas - waged by sour-grapes old dinosaurs - whose time has long passed, yet for some reason, keep refusing to exit the stage.

We hope they recognize that - regardless of our provocative/bombastic performance art (which many reporters will undoubtedly shriek like petulant children about) - the objectives we seek to accomplish are IMPORTANT MATTERS of NATIONAL SECURITY. And we hope they will exercise the utmost discretion in vigorously defending our national interests and values. Our future depends on them.

“Woo” (i.e. conspiracies/aliens/JFK/spirituality/etc) is currently the hottest and fastest growing category in streaming media. Woo Media Production is a common and legitimate commercial pursuit which harms no one.

Reporting on subjective criticisms, theories, and analysis’ of public figures and organizations - using information obtained via confidential first hand sources and methods - is a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED 1st Amendment activity.

Austin Steinbart does not work, nor has he ever worked, directly or indirectly, for American Naval Pilot John McCain. Only for that TREASONOUS body double who operated under his name after he died. 

Wait, What?? A Treasonous Body Double!?