Certified YouTube Gangster

That Escalated Quickly

Going Full Gaddafi

One day, Q dispatched me to this meeting with this old-school British Secret Intelligence Officer who lived in AZ. It was quite strange because normally with things I had done in the past, I would only get subtle psychic guidance from Q. But on this day, I got a nearly (2) hour briefing on how I needed to make a YouTube channel. One explaining how CIA drug dealing works, providing some personal background, and cultivating a big following. The dinospook then told me this very elaborate story about how back when they were installing Gaddafi, his team was all looking around at each other like "how in the F are we going to make this scrawny young kid the leader of this crazy ass country?" But he told me not to worry, because we are going to "Mad Dog everyone into submission, same way we did back then."

Some Examples of Mad-Dogging:

***These are just WORDS, which I already went to prison for, so try not to have a cow! ***

Arrested For Comedy Sketches On YouTube

The CIA and the FBI immediately started tripping and set out to destroy me. Even though I was just doing what their British friend told me to.

Prison Adventure

Pre-Trial Detention

The FBI didn't want me to be let out, because they said I was a "super hacker with a global network of support, who could disappear into the dark of night at any time." (Drama queens!) So when they couldn't keep me in jail, they sent informants to infiltrate my group. Can you guess how many of the people in this picture are FBI informants? (Hint: At Least 3)

Kangaroo Justice System

They made me plead guilty to "extortion" (a mafia crime) because I told people on YouTube to make phone calls and send emails.

And That My Friends, Is How I Became A...

Certified YouTube Gangster