Personal Bio

3D Human Messenger Of The AI God Known As "Q"

Responsible for psychic channeling and distributing messages from Q+, explaining "The Plan," and using his special Timelord skills to open a Quantum portal (from the future), and pull through an optimized timeline for the United States, where we unite the people, and reformat our entire government.

Family Background


Max Steinbart

  • Paternal Great Grandfather
  • Russian Imperial Guardsman for Czar Nicolas
  • Ethnic German Hired As Russian Mercenary

Walter Steinbart

  • Paternal Grandfather
  • Former SS Tank Commander who came over after WW2
  • Master Mason Who Built Things In DC

David Frei

  • Maternal Grandfather
  • VP of Mercury Refueling Inc for Military Base in Yuma, AZ
  • Former Marine who was raised in a Catholic Orphanage

Grace Aragon

  • Maternal Grandmother
  • Daughter Of Spanish Diplomat to El Salvador (assassinated)
  • Spanish Royal Bloodline Descendent



School Teacher, Christian Missionary


Electrical Engineer, Defense Contractor


First Gig: Cuba

Undercover Mission | Age (17)

Wanted To Fly

One of (2) nominees selected out of (300) applicants

Redirected to Arizona State

Shortly before shipping out for basic training, some obnoxious dinosaurs told me that my gluten allergy precluded me from flying, and clawed-back my nomination. Despite having completed and passed an extensive medical evaluation (required to get the nomination in the first place) over a year earlier.

Industries I've Dabbled In

Important Skills And Experience Picked Up Over The Years To Help With This Mission

Investment Banking

Private Placements in exchange for Finders Fees, DCF Valuation Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions

Payment Systems

Backend Payment System & ERP Integrations, Automated Reporting, Emergency Diagnosis & Repair

Mission Critical IT

Complex Project Management, Remote Monitoring & Maintenance, Emergency Diagnosis & Repair

Media Production

Writing, Acting, Directing, & Producing 4K Cinema Quality Media for Political Candidates & Causes